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Captures of Aaron Taylor Johnson as his role of Ford from the Godzilla movie have been added to the image gallery! Enjoy!   Gallery Link: Film and TV Productions > Film Productions > 2014 | Godzilla > HD Captures

I’ve added 2014 event photos of Aaron Johnson to the gallery. 6 MQ photos of Aaron at Marvel’s Captain America The Winter Soldier Premiere, 72 MQ/HQ at 2014 MTV Movie Awards, 65 MQ/HQ at  ‘Godzilla’ Press Conference, and 89 MQ/HQ at Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present the Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Godzilla’. Thanks to Kit Harington Fans for donating some […]

Aaron Johnson has done a round of interviews, so we have some material for you. In these interviews, he talks about his latest movies ‘Godzilla‘ and ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘ Aaron Taylor-Johnson Says ‘Godzilla’ Final Cut Is ‘Epic’ – Aaron Taylor-Johnson talks ‘Godzilla’ on Set Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talk AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, Working […]

Aaron Taylor-Johnson doubted the credibility of a ‘Godzilla’ remake. The 23-year-old actor – who will star alongside Bryan Cranston in the upcoming sci-fi flick – has admitted that he was sceptical about appearing in the film until he heardGareth Edwards was directing. He said: ”My first thought was, ‘Really? Another ‘Godzilla’?’ [But] with someone like that behind it, you […]

I’ve added promotional stills, posters, and behind the scenes for the movie Godzilla. Check them out in our gallery or by clicking on the images below Film and TV Productions > Film Productions > 2014 | Godzilla Also, Warner Bros has released a new Godzilla international trailer and is really awesome! Check it out!